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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ's for Consumers

Q: What is Certificate Mall?

A: is the single best online resource for merchants and consumers to come together. We're partnering with thousands of national and local businesses to offer unbelievable discounts to consumers. Consumers have the opportunity to save 25-90% off certificate deals (which can be printed and redeemed immediately). We will also be incorporating other savings offers and features in the coming months.


Q: What are the benefits of using CertificateMall?

A: There are many benefits to using CertificateMall. Here are just a few:


Q: How soon can I use my certificates and how are they delivered?

A: Your certificates are valid and ready for you to use immediately after your purchase is complete. Once you login to your account and make a purchase, your certificate and transaction details show up in your back office. You simply print the certificate from your home printer and take it to the merchant to use. It's that fast and easy!! If you choose not to immediately print and redeem but rather use the certificate at a later time, it will be stored in your back office.  You can also purchase certificates from online only merchants.


Q: Do I have to register every time I want to make a purchase on Certificate Mall?

A: No. At the time of your initial registration, you created your username and password. Login with this information when visiting the site each time.


Q: How long are my gift certificates good for?

A: With the new gift card / gift certificate laws recently passed, our certificates are good for 5 years from the date of purchase except in those states where it is unlawful to impose an expiration date at all. Check your state's laws for details. This gives you plenty of time to use your certificates for a future event or trip or simply whenever you get around to it.  However, specific deals created by our participating merchants are not bound by the gift certificate laws in most states.  Therefore, the merchant has the legal right to place an expiration date on the certificate that could be much sooner.  Please review all of the terms and conditions of each specific certificate prior to purchase.


Q: Are there any restrictions for using the certificates?

A: Some. In most cases, businesses do not allow you to use the certificates for Tips and Taxes on your bill. Some restaurants and bars restrict certificates from alcohol purchases, but not all of them. Some merchants require a minimum purchase when you visit their location. If this is the case, Certificate Mall does have guidelines in place to assure the customer of the best value possible. When partnering with a local business, we highly advise them against the implementation of restrictions. We want the customer to have the flexibility to use the certificate freely in any way they wish.

*When visiting restaurants, Certificate Mall encourages you to tip properly off of the original bill amount before your certificate is applied. We appreciate both our customers and business owners the same!


Q: Can I use my certificate digitally or send to my smart phone when redeeming?

A: Not at this time. However, we are implementing a feature to make this possible in the very near future. For the time being, only printed certificates will be accepted by our merchants (except online only merchants).


Q: What payment methods do you accept for purchases?

A: We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Don't forget to use your CertBucks!


Q: Can I get a refund after I purchase a Certificate Deal?

A: All certificate sales are final unless the merchant has gone out of business within 180 days after your purchase. If this is the case, we will credit your Certificate Mall account full credit in the form of CertBucks for the original transaction amount. You may then use your CertBucks to purchase certificates from an alternate merchant.


Q: Do you support any community organizations, clubs, charities, etc?

A: Absolutely!! We have a very generous fundraising program and we'll be partnering with charities to make a donation of every purchase made on our site. These programs will become available sometime in mid 2012. Stay tuned!

*If you have a fundraiser campaign in mind, please visit the Fundraiser page and fill out the form with the details of your organization.



FAQ's for Businesses

Q: What is Certificate Mall?

A: Certificate Mall is a "Performance Based" marketing program for your company. This means that we only benefit when we help you become more successful. Stop spending marketing dollars on old school outlets like: yellow pages, pennysavers, flyers, direct mail, radio, TV, etc. Those platforms are dying breeds (most are dead already)! The rules of marketing have changed. Certificate Mall is here to be a marketing partner you can trust. The consumer world is more social and viral than ever before and we live where your customers live! Signup today, there's even more benefits inside!


Q: How is my business promoted?

A: Certificate Mall is reaching millions of people across the country. We advertise our site online, offline and have a very powerful viral marketing campaign in place. The exposure you will receive as a participating business is second to none. In addition, local fundraising campaigns and charitable organizations all over the country are sending customers to our site to visit your business profile page!


Q: What if a customer attempts to make copies of the certificates?

A: They can certainly do this but it won’t get them very far! When a customer visits your business and uses a certificate, you will simply call a toll free # printed on the certificate to check the validity of that certificate. Once it’s redeemed in the system by way of the unique certificate code, it will never be able to be used again. You’re protected against this type of fraudulent activity.


Q: Do I have to give you certificates?

A: No. Our software system takes care of all of this for you. It immediately creates the certificate when the consumer makes the purchase.


Q: Do I get revenue from the sale of the certificates?

A: Yes. You will get a percentage of certificate sales every month. We're not greedy!


Q: How do I keep track of certificate sales?

A: You simply login to your account with your username and password and click on your “Certificate Sales” link. This will show you up to the minute activity on your account for certificate sales.


Q: What if I’m already using traditional advertising techniques?

A: If that is working for you, by all means don’t stop. However, most advertising efforts are difficult to measure especially when you are assuming 100% of the risk and upfront cost. The Certificate Mall program is easy to measure (because all customers will have a certificate) and you risk absolutely nothing up front! This is Performance Marketing and we are one of the best!


Q: What is the length of my commitment?

A: Certificate Mall requires a month to month commitment when signing up. You are truly a partner with us and will be treated as such. There is no need to commit long term or sign an exclusivity agreement with us. However, our program is so beneficial to your business; we're confident you won't want to leave. We value the relationship we have with you greatly!